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Electric Blanket Testing

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Types of Project

Differing outcomes depending on budget

There are varying types of projects but essentially they all involve the testing of electric blankets, preferably by appointment at a local venue. The in’s and out’s of this are discussed in our best practice guide that can be downloaded from this site. 

There can be differing outcomes depending on budget. GEMS have an exclusive ‘up to 50% off voucher’ courtesy of a leading manufacturer available to clients at no extra cost. This is operated on a mail order basis and is particularly useful to the elderly for obvious reasons. 

We can offer a fully audited, like for like, sale or return replacement scheme. The benefit being you can purchase the blankets at a trade discount, have no stocking issues, no surplus left and have the precise amount of every type of blanket at each venue. As a result the project is fully accountable. Our experience in assisting Age Concern in replacing over 19,000 blankets nationally come to bear in knowing the trends in each geographical area.

For those clients who wish to operate their own scheme of replacements, we are able to offer competitive pricing and constructive advice regarding numbers, types and quality of blankets currently available.

GEMS can tailor a project to your specific requirements and are quite happy to discuss this with you.


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